How to download Green Pass for a foreigner in Italy

Download Green Pass in Italy if you do not have a tax code or health card. STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS At the moment, for foreigners in Italy without a European green pass there is a big problem: Downloading the green pass after the swab test done at one of Italian municipal pharmacies, without having an Italian tax code (codice fiscale), or health card (tessera sanitaria), or italian digital identity  (SPID), is almost impossible! At least in the pharmacy they will tell you so. But I correct myself: it is possible. However, it is really difficult and cumbersome, and in the pharmacy they will not be able to do it, so you have to do it yourself. I discovered the way to download the green pass for foreigners (I had to find out this after a thousand attempts, as I had to give  Green Pass to my father, who came to meet me from Belarus in these days – he’s vaccinated, but with Sputnik not being recognized here in Italy) and I want to share it with you, step by step. Hope it will be useful for someone! DO NOT DEMORALIZE yourself, you will be able to get the blessed italian green pass too! … Leggi tutto How to download Green Pass for a foreigner in Italy