Crown Goose: review

21 Agosto 2017

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Are you looking for a bedding that gives a unique touch to your room? I already found it!


I recently discovered this luxury bedding brand, Crown Goose. It is an American brand from Los Angeles that specializes in modern, luxury and ultra-comfortable bedding!


And today I would like to tell you about my experience with this brand. 🙂



The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in every home… I wanted to give a new look to my bedroom and I ordered a wedding dress from Crown Goose. The double bed set contains a pair of pillowcases and a duvet cover. On the site there is availability of various colors, styles, sizes (Twin, Full, Queen or King Size), and even the weight! So there are so many possibilities to customize the product.

For me I wanted to dare and I ordered a black suit. For precision it is the “charcoal” color.

The shipping was punctual, and the company’s customer care turned out to be very helpful providing me with real-time information to track my order with the DHL courier.

Just received the package, I was really positively surprised by the product. On the photos of their ecommerce it already seemed very nice, but live even more!

As soon as I removed the product from the elegant and well-finished package, I immediately noticed the details: the perfect stitching and the delicate embroidery by CROWN GOOSE on the corners of the pillowcases and duvet cover.

I am attaching photos of both the packaging and some details:



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What can I say … This has really revolutionized the look of my bedroom. It’s a room in more shades of gray, my favorite color with for the interiors, in a very modern style but with some classic furnishing accessories.

I wanted a strong and extravagant color like black to complete what I always wanted my bedroom to be: modern, refined and elegant!


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I slept very well in my “new” bed, the set that is 100% pure cotton proved to be not only beautiful to look at, but also very soft to the touch. In my opinion, the fabric does so much for a good, deep and comfortable sleep. The cotton used by Crown Goose is extraordinarily silky and shiny, with a bright and vivid color.

I must also say that to the touch it is a very fresh fabric, light and breathable… Now that we are in August with 40 degrees in Florence sleeping in a bed that by itself gives freshness to the body is really priceless!

I also particularly appreciate the duvet cover (now being the summer, I use a very light blanket), for their practicality, compared to the classic suits that have a double sheet. The Crown Goose duvet cover also has another detail: 6 buttons for a perfect seal on the duvet.





Speaking of practical aspects …

If you wonder how this product is maintained, I have good news: Crown Goose products are really easy to maintain! You can easily wash it in the washing machine with warm water, the color is resistant to multiple washes and to iron the suit it took very few time, it was a much simpler operation than the other bedding products I used before.

I have already washed the product several times, and for now I have not noticed neither the fading of the color (and here we speak of black!) nor the formation of any type of lint of the fabric.

It was an absolutely positive experience. I’m already thinking of ordering some other Crown Goose products, maybe in  light colors version… To have my bedroom always tidy and stylish.

You can take a look at the site too, especially’cause right now you will find a 50% discount on many products!


Wish a good sleep to everyone! 🛌🏻😴💤




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